Unite Against Mechazod Rules!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is the absolute best ever. It’s the first Co-Op two player experience they’ve ever done, and it was executed brilliantly. How is this possible, might you ask? Well, then stop reading this right now and go try it out. Bring a real friend with you, and it’s an incredible experience.

My game with Swiftzord was INSANE. I was the Priest, and he the Paladin. At one point, we had a Holy Champion that had been buffed up to like 42 attack between all the healing and also Blessed Champion. And despite the fact that we had a ton of stuff on the board, Mechazod Assassinated it before I got the chance to swing! The game went on quite long, and near the end Mechazod got me down to 1 HP. Worried Swift didn’t have anything to finish him off, he pulled out Icehowl to close it out.

This was all while I was on the toilet at lunch, and let me tell you–the game went on for so long, my legs fell asleep. It took a while to be able to stand again.

But yeah the Brawl itself was gripping. Incredible. Insane. We weren’t on comms or anything, so there was no way to coordinate what we were doing. Although of course this would have been incredibly useful, it was way more fun to not know what he was going to do next. And I’m telling you guys. Best Tavern Brawl ever, bar none. The thought put into the decks to make it work as well as it did was just staggeringly impressive. I can’t wait for more stuff like this and unlike any other Tavern Brawl so far, I can’t wait to play it with more people.


Article by Multizord

Multizord is a co-host of the Lords of the Storm podcast about Heroes of the Storm, and the main contributor of all things Hearthstone to the Zord Network. He also considers himself the Zord Lord, because who else brought the cake?

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