Reno 911: League of Explorers is out today!

So Blizzcon has happened, and as it turns out I’m not much of a psychic…if you go back and read my Blizzcon predictions post, you’ll realize I guessed NOTHING correctly! So I can’t be a prophet-for-profit as I’d originally planned. Oh well. I’d not even guessed the World Champion, but congratulations to Ostkaka all the same.

There was a lot of exciting stuff though. The new Adventure was unexpected, but the League of Explorers actually shows a lot of promise. Senior Game Designer Ben Brode during the “What’s New” segment on the main stage actually walks you through the Adventure wings, and reveals ALL of the cards. And that’s because the first wing comes out…


Yeah, Reno Jackson along with nine other cards will be ours for the taking today. And here’s the thing–I have a Fireside Gathering put on by BlizzPro I’m going to on Saturday. It’s again at SoPro Gaming out in Overland Park, KS. A part of me originally thought, “I could see people experimenting with the new cards and getting stomped.” But then last night, I lost a lot of sleep because I started wondering–could I build a deck for Reno Jackson? He’s a 6 mana cost, 4/6 that reads “Battlecry: If your deck contains no more than 1 of any card, fully heal your hero.” What an anti-aggro mechanic!

Ben Brode clarified that this refers to the remaining deck of un-drawn cards. So you could presumably still run two Knife Jugglers for instance–you’d just have to aggressively mulligan for it and pray you’ve drawn at least one of them prior to playing Reno Jackson. Which by turn 6 isn’t out of the question, especially if you have some draw mechanics like Divine Favor. But obviously the best way to ensure a 100% chance get that full heal off would be to make an entire deck with no duplicates. Is it wise to replace Piloted Shredder with stuff like Chillwind Yeti for this insurance? I’ll be testing it tonight and I’ll let you know.

The other big one out today is the new Paladin Secret, Sacred Trial. I never thought I’d be excited for a Paladin Secret, but of course Mysterious Challenger ensures that I am. This new one reads, “When your opponent has at least 3 minions and plays another, destroy it.” If I were running Secret Pally today, I’d likely just keep the deck the same as always but sub out either Redemption or Repentance for the new secret. This way my opponent would still just see a 4 or 5 secret Christmas tree, and assume my deck was unchanged–and be genuinely surprised by Sacred Trial. It should be noted that flooding the board with decks like Zoo Warlock, Midrange Paladin and others was previously a great way to counter Secret Paladin. But no longer, Frodo. The Ring has awoken. It’s heard its master’s call. The strongest deck in the game just got stronger.

So I’ll post my results from the Fireside, as well as eventually my reaction to last month’s legend push as soon as I get over the emotional trauma it inflicted on me.


Article by Multizord

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