Golden Heroes – a First World Problem

I just wanted to write about this phenomenon I’ve experienced in both Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. It’s a potential issue impacting either game’s replay value. And in either case, it could use some improvement.

I’m talking about Golden Heroes in Hearthstone, and also attaining level 10 on individual Heroes in HoTS. Recently, as a consolation prize for my failed attempt at hitting legend last month, I got my Golden Druid in Hearthstone. It was kind of like being at a carnival, and instead of winning the giant teddy bear, I’ve got a bite sized Tootsie Roll. Still pretty good, but not what I was shooting for!

Now, we’re at the end of the month where I want to push Rank 5 just to get my golden Epic card reward. I was a bit behind, at Rank 10 yesterday (November 29). With today being the last day of the season, I needed something that could give me fast games, and maintain a high win rate. As fun as that new SMOrc Shaman deck is, I just wasn’t hitting a consistent win streak with it.

So I switched over to play some more Aggro Druid, and have found great success with it. I streaked all the way to 7 and a few stars so far, and am still going strong. Now, here’s the problem though–I did this reluctantly. I know that each win I’m getting isn’t working to a future golden Hero. I’ve consciously prioritized securing that golden Epic card over working toward my upcoming golden Paladin. And that doesn’t feel great.

This same thing happens in Heroes of the Storm. Ever since getting the Master Skin on Arthas as soon as I could after the last Alpha wipe, I’ve been reluctant to play him. Getting on him is like riding a bike, and I get to show off my Master Skin of course…but he’s definitely dropped out of my rotation considerably. Which is counterintuitive–what’s the point OF the Master Skin, if I don’t take the time to show it off? But I regularly don’t, because I just feel like I could be working on other heroes. Yes, they implemented a system to level past 10 on each Hero, but the gold rewards down the line certainly don’t justify leveling a hero to 20.

Now, if they made it to where a level 20 HoTS hero had a faint golden glow, to show off you’d gotten there? I think it could be totally worth it. Similarly, if there was some other reward for getting, say, 1000 ranked wins on a given class in Hearthstone, I’d be more inclined to farm for it. I’m not even sure what they’d do–perhaps a new set of voice animations? An even flashier face plate and Hero Power?

I feel like this will be even more problematic after I flesh out a few Golden classes. If one day I have all of them except Rogue…is that going to finally get me to play a ton of Rogue? I’m completely unsure at this point.

Regardless, wish me luck today on the grind to 5. With the BlizzPro Weekly taping, I’m not sure I’ll have time to make it there. But yeah, good luck to all of you who are out seeking your own goals this month!


Article by Multizord

Multizord is a co-host of the Lords of the Storm podcast about Heroes of the Storm, and the main contributor of all things Hearthstone to the Zord Network. He also considers himself the Zord Lord, because who else brought the cake?

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