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This week, I’ve discovered a new love in Reno Lock. After hitting my Golden Paladin, I just haven’t felt the need to really grind out more pally games, even though the Coradin Secret Paladin deck I’d been running was pretty fun and effective. In the end, I’m of the camp that just feels like I’m wasting games that could be going toward another golden class.

Warlock has my next highest win number for ranked play, and so it was an obvious choice. Past that, there really are a few very good archetypes for Warlock right now–but the most interesting, and also currently highest rated on Tempo Storm, is the Reno Lock. By now, I’m going to assume most people know what the new League of Explorers goliath Reno Jackson is all about.

Here’s the link:

Obviously this deck is designed to be filled with one-offs, guaranteeing that any time you use Reno Jackson, you get the heal. No need for card counting on this one. Which isn’t a big deal if you’re running something like the Hearthstone Deck Tracker, or have a system of keeping track of your duplicate cards. But if you’re like me and you’re just finishing out the month grinding out phone games on the bus or at the gym, it’s comforting to know that you’re getting the big heals no matter what.

But there are other benefits to a deck with no duplicate cards. The main up-side to it is that it is SUPER FUN, SERIOUSLY THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD PLAYING THIS GAME! It’s a deck type that truly rewards creativity, as well. For instance, I finished off a 6 HP Murloc Paladin yesterday simply by using Faceless Manipulator on his 4/2 buffed Bluegill Warrior, and giving two more attack on the charge with Abusive Sergeant. Such a fun finish!

Speaking of Faceless Manipulator, I’ve tried several versions of Reno Lock and never really fell in love with one before. I always felt it was too reactive, and that I’d spend several games in the control role for a while before eventually being ground down to a very long and agonizing death. But this particular list has a win condition that is just…insanely fun. Like, the most fun. The Leeroy Jenkins combo is nothing new at all, but its inclusion into this deck feels so good. This is where you take Leeroy Jenkins, buff him up somehow perhaps, and then duplicate him with Faceless Manipulator and send both of them in for insane burst damage.

Now as you can see, even without buffing Leeroy Jenkins at all, sending in two of them is already 12 damage, which is pretty damn good. Just under half a person’s health bar. Now, if you send out Leeroy Jenkins and also toss him a Power Overwhelming, and Abusive Sergeant, we are now talking 24 damage. Yes, be sure to put all the buffs on Leeroy Jenkins before copying him with Faceless Manipulator, but I promise when you get this combo off on someone’s face (and it happens fairly often!) you will pee a little bit. I’ve been through so much extra laundry.

Naturally, that’s not the only win condition. Stalling out until Alexstrasza can help clean things up, or just dragging the game out so long that your opponent can’t handle it are great ways to do it. I’ve had games where I used Reno Jackson when I had literally 1 HP, and also the Antique Healbot, Earthen Ring Farseer, and Alexstrasza on myself before. Yeah, that’s up to 64 points of effective healing, for you mathy mathsters out there.

And you can wrest control of the board in SO MANY satisfying ways, with Demonwrath, Hellfire, and the big boy: Twisting Nether. Many of which just flat out counter other decks. When a Secret Paladin thinks they’re all cool with their buffed line of Mysterious Challenger and others…and they all get sucked into the Nether…so satisfying.

So try out the deck! Seriously! Here’s the quick Mulligan breakdown:

Multizord Mulligan:

Top Priority – Zombie Chow, Dark Peddler

Secondary Priority – Imp Gang Boss, Demonwrath and Hellfire (against Paladins or aggro)

High Cost to Keep – Reno Jackson or Sludge Belcher if you’re sure you’re against aggro. But sometimes I keep ol’ Reno just because you don’t have to worry about your dropping health quite as much.


Article by Multizord

Multizord is a co-host of the Lords of the Storm podcast about Heroes of the Storm, and the main contributor of all things Hearthstone to the Zord Network. He also considers himself the Zord Lord, because who else brought the cake?

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