Board State Discontinuing For Foreseeable Future

After much deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must step away from this blog for the foreseeable future. I have simply way too much going on these days with wedding planning, two podcasts and the BlizzPro Weekly gig that something had to go. Naturally, this explains why I have been more inconsistent with my posting of late, as well.  But I’ve come to realize that I should either make a lot more effort to post more regularly–or, for the time being, stop entirely.  I’m choosing the latter at this time.

Maybe things will be different when I get back from my honeymoon this June, so I’m leaving this open ended. Plus, I see no reason to take the old content down, and I still think people might get something out of some of my earlier thoughts.  But it’s time to set my priorities straight, and get a few things figured out right now.  So I apologize to any of my regular readers, but I feel you’ll understand.

That said, I’d like to leave you with some final thoughts (at least, final for now) to mull over in the meantime:

Get Pumped about Standard

First thing’s first, I’m not stopping playing Hearthstone, or cutting back at all. I’m still at least softly pushing for legend–as much as I can, given my time constraints up until the wedding.  And I’m definitely down to play with any of you guys, so feel free to hit me up via Twitter @Multizord, the Lords of the Storm Discord, or even The Cavalry’s Discord and we can get some games in.  Also, just got in the Overwatch Beta!  So there’s another thing to take up some time.

But I want to say this, though–Standard is going to be so much fun. If you’re hesitant about it, and having thoughts like, “Well I don’t know…I don’t like feeling restricted in my deck building” then Wild may be for you. But I would definitely still recommend you give Standard a fair shake.  The new expansion, as well as all future cards are going to be built with the Standard metagame in mind.  This allows Blizzard to come up with some truly crazy stuff–in part because they don’t have to worry how overpowered new mechanics will be with someone like Dr. Boom or Piloted Shredder hanging around.  But if you WANT to see those overpowered combos happen, Wild’s the place for that.  So I’m just excited for options, but definitely foresee myself playing Standard almost exclusively.

Hold ‘Em

As always, I’m constantly working on improving my play as well. One thing I’ve been working on lately in particular is holding certain cards back in hand for more optimal use later. For the longest time, I’ve always strove to use my mana as efficiently as possible.  I used to think that even having one mana left over in a turn and a possible play with it was such a bad scenario that I had to play it out.  But so many times, I’ve been in scenarios where I’ll drop that extra Leper Gnome who then just gets blown up by Hellfire on Turn 3. I didn’t get the same value out of him that I would have by just waiting a little bit longer–perhaps even just one extra Knife Juggler knife would have been the difference between winning and losing that particular match.  So anyway, don’t be afraid to hold onto key cards, and constantly be thinking about what threats your opponent may be capable of leveling at you on their turn.

This might be a bad example, though, because word on the street is Leper Gnome and Knife Juggler are on the nerf table. But, you get the idea of what I’m trying to say, I hope.

Variance Very Variable

So many times, I queue in as a Zoo lock for instance, knowing there are tons of Midrange Druids around and that Zoo is a direct counter to them. This is what keeps Zoo at the top of the Tempo Storm meta snapshots these days.  So I’ll see a Druid come up, and think “Heck yeah, free win!” And then I’ll draw like crap, while he draws like a god, and I get burned down on some turn 7 Innervate, Force of Nature, Savage Roar business.

My advice is–that stuff just happens! All you can do is press forward and keep trying.  Because you’ll have games like that as well, and that will help offset the losses. Remember, if you want to go from Rank 5 to Legend, you simply have to have 25 wins more than losses at any given point.  Whether you go 75-50, or 175-200 depends on a lot of factors, but the one thing you CAN count on is that you statistically improve your chances greatly simply by continuing to try.

Seriously Though, Hit Me Up

I’ll be around, of course. I still do the Lords of the Storm show, the Cavalry, and BlizzPro Weekly. And of course, as I mentioned before, I’m still playing quite a lot of Hearthstone and other Blizzard titles. So find me, one way or another, and let’s get some games in!

Thanks again to everyone who kept up on this sporadic blog. It’s been fun, but I’ve gotta clear room for even more fun. First world problem, I know.  I wish you all the best draws!

Article by Multizord

Multizord is a co-host of the Lords of the Storm podcast about Heroes of the Storm, and the main contributor of all things Hearthstone to the Zord Network. He also considers himself the Zord Lord, because who else brought the cake?

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